Tips to Choose Pledge Package

Ever wanted to leave this world and explore the depths of space or visit the
planets? Want to be able to pick any job you like based on your skills? Want to help the
economy or bring it down? Want to become a space pirate and pillage from cargo
ships or attack military vessels?

Check out Chris Robert’s “Star Citizen”. A very promising, in-development
space simulator that is affected by the players actions and includes
racing and first-person shooting. Also, in exchange for ships and other
goodies such as in-game currency and physical collector’s items, people
are able to pledge money and join in the crowdfunding to help complete the
Star Citizen video game.

But which is the best pledge package? The packages range in price from $30
to $10k and have different ships to fit different play styles. Like to
race or fly loops around your enemies in a fight? Choose a package with a
fast ship. Like to explore the unknown? Choose one with a ship for long

But there are many things to look for when choosing a pledge package that
fits you the best.

Money: How much real-world money can you spend to prepare for your new
space adventure?

Ship Type: What kind of ship fits your playing style the best? “Hornets”
are designed for dogfighting. “Freelancers” are for trade and exploration.
“Origins” are built for luxury or exploring. “Auroras” for general-use and
can be modified to do different things. And “Constellations” are large
multi-purpose ships that can carry a small fighter in their hangar.

Hull Insurance: How much insurance does the package come with? Insurance
will cover your ship should it be captured or destroyed and you will be
sent a ship of the same model.

In-Game Currency: How much currency do you want to start with? United
Earth Credits are the only in-game currency and can be used to buy
everything from ships to cargo to cosmetic items.

Game Access: Do you want to try the early stages of the game? Most
packages come with Beta and Alpha access so you can play the game before
the rest of the world does.

Extra Goodies: Packages can come with digital or physical goodies. Some
digital ones are the game soundtrack, star map, blueprints, and different
hangars. Physical goodies include a starship-shaped USB drive, game
soundtrack CD, and a deluxe collector’s box.

There are many packages available and many fantastic ships to choose from.
Now you can choose your best pledge package to fund a life in the great
unknown. You can be a Star Citizen.

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